Your days are full of learning opportunities.

Reflection can help you to make the most of that learning potential - and improve your physical and emotional wellbeing.

The Weekly Reflection sessions are a FREE virtual space where you have permission to stop, reflect, and learn. They are hosted by Carla & Joana at the moment.


Here's how it works

  • We get on a Zoom room.
  • The session is divided into two parts.
  • Part one consists of 15 minutes of individual reflection in silence (except for some background music).
  • After this, participants are free to leave - no questions asked! - or stay for the second part.
  • For part two, we have 15 minutes of sharing in small groups. Here the participants are invited to share as little or as much as they feel like.
  • That's it!

We meet every Thursday

You can choose from 3 weekly sessions (Porto / London time):

  • Tuesday, time to be confirmed - in Portuguese
  • Thursday, 1.30 - 2pm WEST - in English
  • Thursday, 6.15 - 6.45pm WEST - in English

🇵🇹 Os teus dias estão cheios de oportunidades de aprendizagem.

A reflexão pode ajudar-te a tirar proveito desse potencial de aprendizagem - e contribuir para o teu bem-estar físico e emocional.

As sessões de Reflexão Semanal são um espaço virtual GRATUITO, onde podes parar, reflectir e aprender. São dinamizadas pela Carla e pela Joana [link página equipa] neste momento.

As sessões

Podes escolher entre 3 sessões semanais (horário Porto / Londres):

  • Terça, horário a confirmar - em português
  • Quinta, 13h30 - 14h WEST - em inglês
  • Quinta, 18h15 - 18h45 WEST - em inglês